Repaint problem when window is unhidden

My project is a plugin proxy, loaded by the host but hosting a VST plugin itself, proxing all VST API calls to and from the host. I let the host open the hosted plugin GUI but have my own GUI as a desktop floating window.

If I choose (from the mac top menu) to hide the host windows (host window, hosted plug window and my window) and then select to show it again my GUI is not repainted, only parts that I click are repainted but other parts including the window title are not repainted. This does not happen in the juce demo and to other JUCE based plugs.

Any idea why this happens? Mac people, what happens when a window is hidden and then unhidden, any specail events to handle?

I hoped JUCE 1.20 will fix it but it didn’t


Is this still a problem? Because it may be what I’m seeing.

No - the Mac windowing has been completely rewritten - that post was from last year.

Newbie I may be, but I think something’s still wrong.
The same plugin behaves fine on XP, and some Mac OS hosts (Steinbergs), but misbehaves on others (including Tracktion) on my machine (I’m not claiming a bug, but possibly a platform change - I know that other firms e.g. Fxpansion) have found differences, too