Minimize on OS X


When my plug is minimized on OS X it just gone and I can’t bring it back since its not an app but a plug (the host can’t bring it back since its a proxy plug so the proxied VST will be shown and no my GUI). When Tracktion is minimized its also gone (no icon near the trash on the dock) but at least you can bring it back by clicking the trakction icon again. Any solution to that, I think its important for windows to act correctly under OS X



Ah - good point. Though I couldn’t find a way of getting the window to shrink down and sit in the dock unless it’s actually a normal document window with a title bar, etc. I guess the thing to do with a plugin is just not to allow it to be minimised anyway, as that could really mess up the host’s windowing.


My GUI is not the plugin GUI but a standalone floating window, owned by the desktop. I might cancel the minimize I guess, at least on the Mac if no solution is available…


Not at the moment. I know a bit more about mac windowing these days so I might have another look at the minimising thing, but haven’t got time this week…


More problems…

If I choose Hide Tracktion or Hide JUCE Demo or Hide Others from the main OS X menu of a JUCE app, nothing happens.

With my plug (again the GUI is not a VST editor but a desktop window), if it is hosted by an OS X host (not a JUCE based one) and I hide the host and then show it using the main menu then my window apears blank and parts of the GUI show only when needed to be painted but the title for example stays blank for ever.

This I cannot fix by canceling the minimize…



ok, I’ll take a look at that…


See this thread for how to fix the “Hide Xxx” bug and this thread for how to change the minimize functionality to collapse instead of hiding, which may help your other problem.