VST component is invisible when restore from minimize


I have downloaded the JUCE 2.0 and built the examples in my Mac OS X 10.7 with XCode 4.4.
I try to build the VST plugin by using JUCE. I can run the audio plugin demo in the audio plugin host example, everything works fine.
But there is one problem I encountered, when I minimize (press the top-left yellow button) the plugin window, its components become invisible.
After the window restore from minimize, its components still remain black.
Does anyone have this problem?


Don’t download it; use the git repository, try what you’re doing again, and see if the problem is still there… :slight_smile:

Oh, and fyi, you can post images right in the forums via the upload attachments button that appears when you want to post something.

Yeah… Bear in mind that that project is called the demo host app. If it was a “real” host app, I wouldn’t have put minimise buttons on the windows, because hosting VST windows involves some convoluted hackery, and I’m not at all surprised if some plugins fail to minimise correctly.