juce::AlertWindow - buttons can be truncated

Hi Juce devs,

This issue isn’t specific to Android, but I’ve only seen it there as I use my own native solution on iOS; when displaying an AlertWindow with 3 buttons (quite a common use case, e.g. Yes/No/Cancel) it is very easy to have the edges of the buttons chopped-off especially if some strings are one or two words.

The reason is this code in juce_AlertWindow.cpp - note how I’ve patched it locally - where you have an arbitrary limit of 0.7 of the available width. I’d suggest changing instead to a limit based on a fixed pixel padding, which could come (perhaps) from the Look-and-Feel.

    // MARK: MPC - make sufficient width for 3 buttons! (begin)
    //w = jmin (w, (int) ((float) getParentWidth() * 0.7f));
    w = jmin (w, (int) ((float) getParentWidth() * 0.9f));
    // MARK: MPC - make sufficient width for 3 buttons! (end)

Best wishes, Pete