JUCE API documentation

Hi Jules,
Could you update JUCE API documentation accessible at http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/api/classes.html ?
Because it is not showing latest classes, functions nor tips…
Or may it be possible to include an up-to-date version in GIT ?

Yeah, I know, sorry - I’ve been hoping to do a new release soon, but haven’t quite got there yet! Will figure something out asap!

Ok, thank you :wink:

Up :mrgreen:

I updated the docs just a couple of weeks ago… I’ve done it again now, but don’t think there are many significant changes.

I have asked because I have not found some classes in the documentation that I have heard about on the JUCE forum, like MP3AudioSource or WindowsMediaAudioSource. This is still not the case :wink:

Oh…! Yes, looks like I’ve missed those classes out somehow! Thanks, I’d better check my doxygen script…