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Hi Juce team,

there were many changes on the website with Juce4.0.
Now that it's been a while still some points are confusing to me.

1. What are official API docs?

probably official, but not eye-friendly
do you also keep the more eye-friendly one up to date?

probably not official?

2. Advanced Tutorials

Via some links, I found some advanced Tutorials, I think at
This page is now gone and I think not all tutorials are there on the regular tutorial page.

Will they appear again (and the previously announced ones on above page)?

Thanks for some updates on this,

Harry G.

Asked myself often the same question. Would it be possible to simply add a creation timestamp in the pages footer, so that you can check if you are looking at the up to date docs...?

And would also prefer the "eye-friendly" version (didn't know it exists before, thanks Harry). Despite the fancy company representation on the rest of the page, I would go here for "form follows function"...


The official documentation and the only one that we keep up to date is this one:

The old Doxygen white-and-blue one is out of date, not maintained anymore, and likely to disappear soon.

The official JUCE tutorials are all linked from Those tutorials are all currently accessible from this page.

More tutorials will be released in the following weeks and months.

Hi @timur,

thanks for the clarification.
Maybe my comment was misleading. What I really wanted to say is:

  1. Can you please make the API doc more eye-friendly, e.g. like this new forum.

  2. Some advanced and useful tutorials were already accessible under “tutorials_coming_soon” and now they’re gone again!
    That’s too bad, as Juce lacks of advanced docs. The current tutorials are all very basic.
    So it would be great to release them again soon… Thanks!

Hi @harryg,

About the API doc: so you’d like a brighter colour scheme? I’ll forward this request to the webteam (you’re not the only one who has been asking for this btw) but I can’t promise anything unfortunately.

About those advanced tutorials: they were never meant to be online as they are not reviewed/complete yet! But we will release them officially as soon as we can.

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You can just go to the doxygen folder of your local juce repository and run doxygen. This will generate the up to date offline API documentation.

If you want an online version with the default doxygen colours, I have set up one of my servers to generate the API docs daily. It uploads them to:

@daniel This comes with a timestamp at the bottom too. I really don’t understand why the ROLI developers removed the timestamp from the doxy footer…


You saved my eyes :smile:

A huge thank for @samuel for rolling his own and sharing them with us, but this really is frustrating. I don’t really care what the forum looks like. I’m indifferent to how the main JUCE page looks, but for people like I who don’t know JUCE inside out, and who depend on documentation to get by, I find the current docs terrible. I and many others here have been using doxygen docs for well over a decade. I don’t care if they look naff because navigating them is second nature to me and I can quickly and efficiently find whatever I want. Why can’t developer friendly doxygen docs be hosting on JUCE’s github page, just as @smauel has done? You can keep your themed docs at so that everything falls in line with the way you want the site to look, and the way you wish to present JUCE to the world. You can change the colour scheme all you want, but please give us back the doxygen docs!


Hi @samuel,

I kept on using your nice developer-friendly API docs.
But now I noticed that it seems outdated: although the generation date is yesterday, the content still seems old.
Maybe the doxygen is generated, but the code update is somehow broken/tied to an old branch?

See e.g.
which is missing the Multibus API.

No complaint, just a hint :slight_smile:

Harry G.

Hi @harryg,

thanks for the notice! The git pulling on the server was stuck, even though I never touched the local repo… Stashing helped. On this occasion I also switched from the master to the develop branch for the documentation.

The doc is now up to date again.


Ups, I totally forgot to say: thank you for the quick fix!

Thanks Samuel. It’s really nice to have this developer friendly version of the docs.