API documentation on GitHub

Most of the time (for convenience due to lack of an Internet connection), I have been using the offline version of the API documentation.  Looking at GitHub today, I noticed that it appears to not have been updated for a while.  

That is generally ok since I can just read the files themselves, but is it your intention to not update this on GitHub in the future?


If you have installed doxygen via homebrew - like me -, slightly modify the run_doxygen shell script from that repository.

Can't remeber if I also have modified the doxygen config file or not. On my 2011 Macbook it only takes a few seconds to build the documentation myself. -> It's always up to date and it comes in my preferred colour scheme as well. ;)

Good idea.  Thanks for pointing that out samuel. :)

Aha good call, thanks for the tip :)

Yes, we won't maintain that GitHub documentation repository any longer. If you want the newest API reference, you have two possibilities:

1. use the online API reference on juce.com. Some people were not happy with the current black/orange colour scheme: yes, we heard you and there will be a redesign in the not-too-far future.

2. generate your own offline API reference.  I just added the possibility to do so. If you update to the newest tip, you will find a new juce/doxygen subfolder with everything you need, like the Doxyfile. Please follow the instructions in juce/doxygen/README.txt.

Likely obvious note to MAC users - you need to make a symlink so you can call doxygen from the command line (and therefore follow the instructions in the JUCE repository) - - - -

sudo ln -s /Applications/Doxygen.app/Contents/Resources/doxygen /usr/local/bin