FR: More detailed compilation instructions needed for JUCE Doxyfile

I always compile doxyfile of JUCE to get offline HTML version of the JUCE API Reference. But here is a request, I expect that the README in doxygen folder should be more detailed. There are some essential points that it leaks, and it brings me some difficulties in compiling Doxyfile to generate JUCE offline documentation, such as the requirement of graphviz tool (it wasn’t mentioned in current README so that the documentation didn’t have inheritance diagram without graphviz), and it just only offers compiling script for Linux Makefile, not Windows or macOS platform. I sincerely hope that these details should be written in README file, so that everyone can get offline documentation easily. If the doxygen files can be separated into different OS platforms and can be compiled easily in each platform, it will be the best.

Yup, this also seems to me to be a point that JUCE needs to improve, since JUCE’s long-standing advantages are its cross-platform nature and its ease of use.
However, JUCE’s current document generation pipeline does not meet these points. Therefore, I sincerely hope that JUCE can improve the current document generation pipeline, at least to improve its README documentation to meet cross-platform and user-friendly features.

Yes, we’ve not updated the README for a long time.

Here’s a better version:

Got it! Thanks!