Doxyfile available?

Is the Doxyfile used to build the Juce docs available for download somewhere (or could it be made available)??


The one I use is all a bit hacky, with absolute paths, etc. and I use some other batch files to control it, so it’s not really something I want to make public.

I was going to ask the same question, but you’ve answered it. When you formally release the next version it would be much appreciated if you could provide a link or download package for the previous version’s documentation. Sometimes it takes a while to be able to port versions and having the older documentation is sometimes pretty important.

I would like to see what you used for your settings so I can get my Doxyfile for my own modules to work right. I’m having a lot of problems. My classes are showing up more than once (with and without the namespace). Member functions are appearing in duplicates as well (within the same class). The layout of the modules sources is probably confusing Doxygen a little bit. Do you point Doxygen at the individual .h files? .cpp files? Or the module sources (juce_core.h for example, or juce_core.cpp)?

I’m also not getting syntax coloring in code snippets from documentation comments, unless I use a “fenced code block” with a file extension (i.e. “~~~~~~{.cpp}”)

When I take a Juce comment and paste it in front of one of my functions for testing, the resulting Doxygen output is wildly different. So I would like to go over the “Project related configuration options” item by item and compare it with mine.

I’m NOT trying to rebuild the Juce docs

Jules was getting the Doxyfile just right a struggle for you? Because I’m having the dickens of a time…and I definitely don’t want to resort to writing additional scripts…

Yes, it was a bit of a pain. Next time I’m in there I’ll see if I can clean it up enough to be of use to other people.


I needed to get that off my chest…Doxygen is driving me insane