Doxygen configfile

When downloading the latest tip, the documentation is not included of course, as it would imply an absurd amount of work to regenerate it every time something is checked in.
I have tried to find the doxygen config file that would be used when compiling the official html, but I can’t find it anywhere. Perhaps it’s not available to us?

I can of course create a config of my own, but for some odd reason every class member is duplicated. I don’t know doxygen enough figure out whats wrong.
Seems (?) it’s extracting both from the amalgamated header and the original headers, but I can’t untangle that. Anyone?

The doxygen config that I use is all hard-coded for my own machine’s paths, so I’d need to spend time cleaning it up before it’d be publishable. (And even then, I’m not sure if it’d work on windows too)

Ok, thanks anyway. I’ll take it as an opportunity to learn more about doxygen.

Hi there,

Is this doxygen config file available?

If no, is there a source for the API docs for previous versions?
We haven’t upgraded yet and are using 1.52…

Many thanks in advance for any reply!

stp in SB/CA