Doxygen problems

I have a doxygen config file that I use to build the documentations for Juce. I don’t rebuild the docs every time I pull the latest source with GIT but I do it often enough…

Today, things are acting up, and I can’t figure out why I can’t build the docs. Is there anyone else who are attempting this? It all hangs on the following file:

Anyone have a tip? It’s driving me nuts!

(Latest Juce tip, latest Doxygen)

It turns out it doesn’t hang where I said; it continues after 15 minutes, but eventually hangs at a later stage. I remember that it takes 2-3 minutes to generate the juce docs, but it should’n take 3 hours, and 1GB RAM. Is there anyone who can build the juce docs with your own doxygen configuration, at this point?


When I build it takes about 10 seconds!

In other words, if you have the same difficulty, your computer is probably 10,000 times as fast as mine.

Or, I messed up my doxygen config file :frowning: Alright I’ll see if I can create a new one… Sigh… Thanks though.