Some JUCE doxygen documetation compiling problems are exposed


I have received the latest JUCE update v5.4.3 and found some modifications of doxygen documentation that I’ve seen in GitHub.

Here is the problem , while I was building JUCE doxygen offline documentation, it reported some warnings in Linux shell console, as the picture-attachment shows now.
It seems that some parameters aren’t described in juce module scripts.

And what’s more, the first two warnings in image-attachment are also shown in Linux shell console when I generate the doxygen offline documentation in other JUCE versions since v5.3.2.

Does it affect with the compiling results of doxygen documentation? And does online documentation syncronize with each version of offline doxygen-compiled content?
I am looking foward to the modification of juce doxygen documentation result.


I’ll get those fixed.

Annoyingly we can’t sort out the “doxygen could be confused” errors though - it’s valid C++ that we don’t want to change.