Documentation generation broken?

I can’t generate the doxygen documentation on the latest develop commit with make. Anyone else having this issue as well?

It might be that the build server at ROLI isn’t able to generate it either, since isn’t up to date (e.g. ParameterLayout is missing).

juceDevelop/doxygen$ make

rm -rf build
python ../modules build
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 164, in <module>
    add_doxygen_group(filepath, group_name)
  File "", line 60, in add_doxygen_group
  File "", line 42, in remove_juce_namespaces
    + + " namespace")
IndexError: no such group
make: *** [build/juce_modules.dox] Error 1

I’m on macOS 10.13 where python --version == 2.7.15. It doesn’t help to switch to python3 with #!/usr/bin/env python3 in

Creating the documentation by directly using doxygen works though.


I’ll get this fixed.

Thank you for reporting!

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