JUCE 6.1.6 macOS doxygen error

I have all the dependencies, because i always regenerate docs with the same command each time i updated JUCE.

When run ‘make’ in the terminal

python process_source_files.py ../../modules build
make: python: No such file or directory
make: *** [build/juce_modules.dox] Error 1

What version of Make are you using? What platform are you running on? Which version of Python do you have installed? What version of JUCE are you updating from/to?

Nothing in this part of the framework has changed recently.

If you recently updated to macOS 12.3, note that Python 2 is no longer bundled with the OS.

This was the case for me, python didn’t exist as an executable in my path.

I locally edited the Makefile to call python3 instead of python, but you could also make a symlink…

@t0m @reuk Thank you for pointing me to the right direction.

macOS 12.3.1
GNU Make 3.81
(previously) Python 3.9.7

For some reasons, the default python symlink does not point to python3. I updated to python 3.9.12 and create new symlink to the updated python. And now ‘make’ build docs as expected.