Online documentation propsal

First off, I understand that the old-school doxygen docs look pretty awful and I'm all for presenting the docs in a way that is consistent with the current look and feel of the website. However, can I propose that sometime after the summit the old style, plain as you like doxygen docs be put up on the JUCE github page for clowns like me who just can't seem to get used to the new online documentation? That way you can keep things consistent on the new site, while providing a no-frills alternative? 

Good request, thanks!

Yes, we should probably also just make it possible to roll your own doxygen too.

I think it would be neat to have "themes" for the documentation so we can choose the look and feel we like.  I really like the previous look,  but it seems that everyone likes different things.  Perhaps that's just too much work for something like documentation though.  

I rolled my own docs a couple of weeks ago. That can be handy if you're for some reason not on the latest version of JUCE. There is a doxygen file in the repository.

You can tweak the HTML_COLORSTYLE_*** values a bit if you don't like blue. And add a logo (set PROJECT_LOGO).