Please bring back the old api documentation

It's really disappointing that you removed   Now the API isn't even searchable!!!   Where's the documentation about #JUCE_WINDOWS?  What happened to the cool auto-suggest search field?   

You just made JUCE really hard to use. 

Sorry about this, we'll look into it. 

Plus one to this. The old online documentation was far superior.

I also agree with this. No search, distracting chic sans-serif font, and it's really difficult to use on mobile for when JUCE-related ideas pop on my head while I'm away from my computer. Huge downgrade.



Hi there,

OK, we get you! Unfortunately it's easier said than done. The new tutorials section that we have now is also written in Doxygen and tighly coupled with the API Documentation (you maybe noticed that you can click on any JUCE class name in any tutorial and it will take you to the API docs). It's all generated together in one Doxygen run and then shares the same stylesheets, font, etc. and is tightly integrated into the website (whereas the old API documentation was completely standalone).

So it's really not that easy to separate the API documentation again from the rest of the website (which as far as I understand right now would be a prerequisite to change the design or revert back to the good old Doxygen look).

I can't promise anything right now, but we'll think it through and see what we can do!

Since timur pointed out that this is difficult to achieve on the current page, I created

On a quick glance it worked as expected, but if you find issues let me know.


If you are interested in the repository itself:


@ROLI devs: If you can use it anyhow, feel free to copy.


Edit: I do my best to keep it up to date.

Edit: I set up a server of mine to keep it up to date. It now gets generated each day at 20:00 CET.

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Thanks Samuel!

up until this week the old docs have been lingering at an alternate url

alas that link now redirects to the new docs also - so i re-generated them including the search feature and posted to the gh_pages of my fork if anyone else should like to use that for the time being

i did some styling to get close to the old color scheme but is not perfect - let me know if you find some words hard to read or invisible - and if anyone wants to tweak some more or has the original stylesheets feel free to send me a PR

just in case all you +1 guys you thought you were alone i will add that this is the 4th such post regarding this request in the last month - it would seem that many want this feature back

@ samuel - rats you beat me to it by two hours - in my defense i actually generated them about 12 hours ago but didnt upload until now - but at least i got the colors right :) - feel free to nick my CSS if you want

I prefer the blue-white version of Samuel.

Your black-orange colour scheme is actually hurting my eyes (Maybe I am getting old? :-)) )


@bill-auger - Thanks, but I prefer the default colour scheme of Doxygen. ;)