API search missing

The most useful function on the doc page is the ability to search the API. This seems to be missing on your revamped site. I, and I'm sure many others, are hamstrung without this. Can you please put this back as soon as possible.

The new font you've chosen is also causing some problems. There are several places where the text is overlapping.  

Also, what happened to the previous API that was black and yellow. The new one is very diffiult to navigate.
Please, Please go back. I use this daily.

Yes, thanks - I know, and our web guys have this (and many other requests) on their backlog.. Apologies that these simple change are taking longer than it should, they're juggling work on juce.com with roli.com and other stuff.

the previous api had a nice colour contrast - methods and their descriptions were easy to distinguish, not so with the current one. please fix it.

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Adding my vote for this. This is really annoying. And, as you said, Julian, not really a big deal to fix...

Thanks for pushing it.

I never used the search myself. But is not Google your friend? I.e. assume you want to search for buttons in the API. Just enter the following into Google:

button site:juce.com/doc/


Gimme a break dude... :) I'm not saying there is no workaround. Just that there was a handy (fast) feature that is not there anymore.

up until this week the old docs have been lingering at an alternate url http://learn.juce.com/doc/classes.php

alas that link now redirects to the new docs also - so i re-generated them including the search feature and posted to the gh_pages of my fork if anyone else should like to use that for the time being


i did some styling to get close to the old color scheme but is not perfect - let me know if you find some words hard to read or invisible - and if anyone wants to tweak some more or has the original stylesheets feel free to send me a PR

Seems to have been fixed. Thank you guys !!! Nice Xmas present !

Search appears to be missing again



Your best bet here is to bookmark BIll’s page: https://bill-auger.github.io/JUCE/

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Yeah, would love to have the function back too, maybe with a slightly improved regexp (previously if I remember correctly the classes could not be found if you typed a word that was not the beginning of the classes’ name, i.e. you could not find “AudioParameter” by typing “parameter”)

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Not only search is missing again, but the inheritance diagrams don’t work anymore either…

ok i just updated the docs to the current master head --> https://bill-auger.github.io/JUCE/

@AdrienP - that is just the doxygen default javascript search box behavior - doxygen has more sophisticated search features but they require php - i think thats why no one has enhanced the basic one yet

I see. Well I would guess that the javascript is also using a RegExp to find the correct information, so I think it must be possible to modify it… But alright, if it was the default search box then I understand why it was kept as default :slight_smile:

Is search fixed yet? Can’t see a search box, or am I missing it?

Can’t see it either. Another note, if you’re on the home page, to open the docs you first have to click the less-than-descriptive “discover” link.

Anyway there’s a Doxyfile in the source tree so it’s easy to create your copy of the docs (with search).