New documentation: no Search box and other issues


First, congratulations on the new release.

My main concern is about the JUCE documentation, which I've been extensively using during last week. The major problem is that the Search box is missing, and that was my most used feature for finding classes and methods. I'm sure you're aware of that, but I'd kindly urge you to restore it asap. Documentation is mostly unuseful to me without a proper Search button.

Also, as others pointed out, I also think that the new font is less suitable to show the documentation that previous one. My personal impression is that it causes more eye strain and is more difficult to read in a continuous basis.

One additional minor point is that the documentation (and the site in general) now puts all texts in a narrow column in the center of the page. While this looks like a move towards a coherent website design, I think it doesn't fit good with a programming documentation site. I'd suggest you to consider other options for the docs and tutorials, such as making them a sub-site with proper styling (good examples are ReadTheDocs and MkDocs).

Hope this feedback helps you!

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I'd like to add that some classes are in there twice. Just a minor thing, probably some Doxygen setting.

Classes being there twice? Huh. Must be something weird going on with Doxygen. I'll fix that.

Congratulations on the release.  AudioSampleBuffer documentation has some references to the now removed getSampleData function.

The major problem is that the Search box is missing, ...

Give this a try:

Thanks! Also, the font is more developer-friendly there.

I agree: the new font is more straining to the eyes. I still would prefer if the documentation went back to the default white/blue color scheme of Doxygen.

Thanks Stephane for providing link to searchable doc, very handy. But I have a different problem. I can no longer browse the doc for v3 codebase. The older doc doesn't appear to be archived online, and there are no doxygen config files with the code. Is it possible to generate local html doc? Without it, the older code is pretty much unusable. Thanks for any advice.



There seem to be a "Doxyfile" file inside doxygen/ since last August. I haven't used it myself but that seem to be what you need.

Also, if you are using a less recent version of JUCE, you may still lucky enough and attempt to grab that file from a recent commit and retrofit it for your needs.

Yes, indeed, I downloaded grapefruit, saw the Doxyfile and tried it with earlier version, and it works great. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing this! I think the reason so many people are unhappy with the current online documentation is because most of us have gotten used to efficiently and quickly flashing through the old-school doxy docs.

I've found a better solution: Using Dash on OSX or the equivalent Velocity on Windows. This tool provides offline documentation and API search with blazing fast search-as-you-type function:

The JUCE API can be downloaded from the user contributed docsets.