JUCE docs search kaput

The update to the JUCE docs at https://docs.juce.com has broken the search functionality… before you could search for any member function to locate it in the docs… now even searching for Component yields bupkis


What browser are you using?

I’ve noticed some odd formatting just now, but it’s functional for me:

macOS 12.6.3
Safari 16.3

Mac PowerBook M1 Max 64GB RAM

No pop up window blocking or content blockers enabled for the site.



On Safari it has undefined… on Firefox it has Search


There’s a fix on its way. It’ll take a little while to filter out to all the various caches.

The develop docs have been updated:


Working in Safari and Firefox now (although the layouts are slightly different).



Thank you for letting us know!

If you’re on macOS and use the handy documentation browser Dash, you might like to know that someone made a JUCE docset for Dash. Very handy. :slight_smile:

This looks interesting, I’m demoing now, but I couldn’t find JUCE in the list when it tells me to download a docset when first running.

After a quick search I came across this thread Docset for Dash which has some talk about how it would be nice if JUCE could be added officially to Dash, and then eventually links to this github (which seems to be maintained by @modosc) and it’s currently down to users to self generate the docset (seems easy enough).

If it turns out to be as useful as it first appears, I would second the calls for JUCE to be officially supported in Dash, if the team can make that happen.

edit: I’m an idiot :man_facepalming:

although this does rely on modosc keeping the docs up to date (currently has 7.0.2, where 7.0.4 is the latest. It’s obviously unfair to assume they must deal with that chore in a timely manner)

Yeah the downside is that someone (in this case @modosc) needs to regenerate the docs every time there is an update.

I have Dash connected to the shortcut Alt+Space, so looking up something in the docs (which also include C++, the Apple SDKs, Python, etc) is just a keyboard shortcut away. It beats Apple’s own documentation browser by a lot.

i picked up this fork from irh/juce-docset and ran with it, but they’re the original author(s).

i’m not on juce 7 yet so i’ve been slow on updating these. from my repo anyone can submit a doc build if they want. see an example pr here:

you’ll need to obtain a copy of DocSetUtil - i copied one locally from an old xcode version.

that being said i’ll go ahead and publish docs for the must recent version now.