Docset for Dash


I compiled a docset for the Dash ( and ) offline doc browser. 

I was thinking of sumbitting it so it can be downloaded/updated directly from Dash 

( if that's ok with Julian?)


Sure, go for it!

It's been submitted but not live yet. 

When they push out v2.1 of Dash, there'll be a user submitted section for downloading the docset.

For now, I can email it if anyone wants the docset itself.


v2.1 of Dash is out now and Juce is in the User Contributed section.


That sounds great, but do you have a link? I can't seem to find a list of user contributed sets on their site (?)


I don't see a list for user contributed docsets on their site either. It shows up in the app though. (pic attached)


As this is the MOST USEFUL THING EVER ... is it something that coudl be updated automatically by a build process at ROLI and also added to the main doc sets for Dash etc. ?  That just be super-fantastic-excellent ... 

Yes, we could integrate it into our build process. We are improving that anyway right now: constructing a build automation system and probably will tie in auto-generation of the Doxygen docs as well.

Does anybody have any info on how to get this stuff into Dash/Zeal? Is there an API or some kind of script or repository? Unfortunately I have never heard about these things before, and just looking at the website it is not clear to me what we would actually have to do in order to integrate it?


Here are the instructions for generating the user-contributed version:

I just got stung by trying to use TextButton::getFont(), which I just learned from the source code is now depricated. That's because I am so addicted to Dash and I was still using the JUCE version 3 docset (Thanks @Deanan), which is still the latest available in Dash. I may see if I can figure out how to update it tomorrow. But IMHO, JUCE really deserves to be a part of the core docsets in Dash. Check out the list that's already in Dash:

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