Please bring back the API search box on the web docs

please ? so i do not need to generate the doxygem locally - i use that search box several times per day - until last week that is :)

Yes, we know - have told to our web devs who will hopefully fix it soon!

In the mean time you can still use it here -

I think it needs some color in it again too. I find it much more readable when things like types are highlighted in a much different color. 

You can also use Dash on OSX or the equivalent Velocity on Windows. This tool provides offline documentation and API search with blazing fast search-as-you-type function:

The JUCE API can be downloaded from the user contributed docsets.

alas that link now redirects to the new docs also - so i re-generated them including the search feature and posted to the gh_pages of my fork if anyone else should like to use that for the time being

i did some styling to get close to the old color scheme but is not perfect - if anyone wants to tweak some more or has the original stylesheets feel free to send me a PR