Doxygen source in GIT?

Hi Jules,

Can you commit your Doxygen source file for us to re-build documentation ?
The current documentation on your site really lags behind the tip now, so I think it’ll be easier for us to build that doxyfile by ourself.

Possibly. I’d need to clean up the scripts though, as they’re all specific to my machine.

The doxygen stuff would be really helpful!
I recently updated to the current tip and since there are a lot of changes (functions and classes disappeared or have been replaced) compared to the tip three months ago, I have to revise pretty much of my juce based classes. This procedure is a pain without valid docs. It’s not much fun to browse the code to find out what could be an appropriate replacement for this or that removed function.

The official updates which include new docs are sometimes almost a year behind the latest tip and I assume that many users are rather using the tip. A possibility to update the docs when needed would improve the workflow a lot.

Yes, I’ll do that when I get a moment.

The only reason I’ve not been checking in many documentation updates is because it bloats the repository massively. I need to create a system to purge the old binaries and documentation from the GIT so I can keep just the latest versions in there, and then I’ll be able to keep them more current.

Please commit the doxygen file, we’ll build them by ourself (you don’t need to commit the “generated” documentation, as of course it changes massively).