JUCE Assertion failure in juce_NormalisableRange

When I try to run and build it succeeds but the plug-in does not show up as expected and just loads forever or does not show up, it works and shows up on EQ but not with the compressor, any ideas for the reason why? do i need to use a different range function if it is below a value of 0 if so which one?

here is the repository (GitHub - Musicmastermatt/MusicMasterMattCompressor: The main repository)

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In the output (lower right) it says it stopped because of a jassert was triggered in the juce_NormalisableRange.h line 242.
A jassert is a check in debug builds to find mistakes early on.
If you click the call stack (the lines on the left) successively, you will see where this was called from.

I looked this line up, and it checks that the end of the NormalisableRange is greater than the start:

If you go further down the calls you might end up where you created this NormalisableRange (I assume for a AudioParameterFloat). Make sure that the parameters to construct this range were valid, i.e. that the end is greater than the start.

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EDIT: just checked your repo link and it is indeed the threshold parameter:

It should go from -60 to 0 not the other way round…

Okay thank you i’ll swap it around,
works now,
cheers :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, glad I could help.