JUCE AudioPluginHost hiDPI issue


I am using 2 monitors one of them 4k , when I open plugin in AudioPluginHost and moving it between the monitors everything works.
Now if I save the session close AudioPluginHost and reopen it with the saved session the plugin GUI corrupted.
Its seems that the plugin remember the resolution of the monitor it opened in and not the one it moved to.

I was able to reproduce this with different plugins that support HiDpi.
Using AudioPluginHost 6.0.8 on Windows.

Step to reproduce:

  1. Launch any AudioPluginHost app on a 4k screen.
  2. Open any plugin that support HiDpi
  3. Move the plugin to a regular non 4k screen
  4. Save & close AudioPluginHost
  5. Relaunch AudioPluginHost with the saves session.
    Result: Plugin GUI is corrupted
    Also reproduced the other way around.

Is this known issue that will be fixed in future release ?
How can I workaround this issue?


Thanks for reporting this issue. I spent some time looking at this last week and pushed a few fixes:

Please try out the latest develop branch and check whether the issue is resolved for you. Let us know if you find any new problems and I’ll take another look.

Hi @reuk

Thanks for the quick response.
I tested develop branch and the issue fixed,