Resizing hosted plugins shows cropped GUI

we updated recently to Juce 6.1.2 and in general it works well with plugins that resize, however we have noticed this problem with Ozone V9 VST3.
The plugin resizes ok, then when we close and reopen the hosted plugin’s window, it appears cropped and magnified. The only way to get it back to normal size is to remove the hosted plugin from the host.
Here is a video that shows this behavior:

In the previous Juce version it would create a black area on the 2 sides of the plugin window during resizing, but when closing and opening the window, it would return to the normal size.

Could you provide a few more details please?

  • On which platform do you see this behaviour (mac/windows/linux)?
  • Is your host a standalone application, or is it a plugin itself?

I’ve tested in the AudioPluginHost on mac, and can reproduce the issue.

Hi Reuk,
our host is a plugin (AU/VST3) and we see the same behavior on Mac and Windows, on all DAWs.

I was able to reproduce the issue using the AudioPluginHost on Windows as well.

I’ve merged a handful of scaling/sizing fixes to develop. Ozone 9 now seems to resize properly in the AudioPluginHost on mac and windows.

Please try out the latest develop branch and let us know if you run into any new problems.


just tested on Windows and Mac and the issue has been resolved.
Thank you very much!

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In one of my client’s apps which is also a VST (not VST3) host I’m seeing similar issues when dragging between 4K and non-4K monitors on Windows.

Any plans to update VST2 ?


That’s a shame, I tested a bunch of VST2 plugins and I thought I’d really fixed everything this time. Please let me know exactly which plugins are causing issues, and whether they are also broken in the AudioPluginHost when building from the latest develop. If the issues are present in the AudioPluginHost, then I’ll take another look.

Let me check if they behave wrong in the JUCE host on the remote system with the 2 monitors and I’ll let you know.