JUCE Authorization - Recheck from time to time?

Hey quick question:
If I implement the plugin authorization as described in the juce tutorial - does the plugin check from time to time if the plugin really is licensed ?
Like if a customer buys the plugin and he wants a return, i somehow have to disable his plugin…

is this question that dumb ? or does no one know it?..

Disclaimer: The answer below is to the best of my knowledge. I have been wrong before. :slight_smile:

Out of the box: Once authorized a plugin will continue to be usable indefinitely.

There is nothing to stop you from implementing periodic checks.

Thank you! Seems like I have to figure out a good way of doing it myself then…

I think you either have a thread running on a timer, periodically checking, or you check somewhere in your code, like prepareToPlay, which will be called every so often naturally.

So far as I can tell right now the plugin seems to check the license file on startup. So I thought about additionally checking the server if a user with the given email has an active license (Could be removed when a customer gets a refund etc.). BUT the problem is: What do I do if a customer blocks the plugin from connecting to the internet?
I mean I could give out only keys that expire but then again this would probably f* up users who want to keep their device offline…

That’s the reason why there was no answer. The implementation is trivial, but what you do and how you communicate to your users is a different kind of fish.

Here is what I do:

  • The plugin checks every time from file
  • It also checks from server
    • if server says authorization gone (e.g. sold or NFR expired) stop working and delete license file
    • if server says ok, all back to normal
    • if server is not reached, I curteously let it run

This is to be lenient to the legit users and accept some individuals being naughty.
You can also display a popup: “please connect to the internet in the next 30 days”…

It is all up to you.