Juce.com blacklisted here (funny)

Yeah just wanted to post this “funny”, this is what i get from my corporate proxy when i try to access juce.com:

Access Denied

Internet access is provided for business use only. All internet activity is being centrally logged and monitored.

Unauthorized access to restricted sites from C**i equipment or from the C**i network is prohibited by C**i policies and standards.

Your IP Address has been recorded as: 

RESTRICTED ! -- Your request was denied because of its conent categorization: "Pornography". You have attempted to access a restricted site. This restriction is to prevent you from inadvertently bringing offensive/non-business related material into the workplace.

For further information on Internet use consult the Code of Conduct Documents.

In case of access to this website is for business purpose, please refer the Proxy QRC document.

Why the hell is it categorized as porn ? I don’t know.

“Code porn”