JUCE Component Tutorial in GitHub Repo

Hey, I really like that short tutorial "Introduction to Components - Part 1" that's in the JUCE GitHub repository (in examples -> ComponentTutorialExample). I really wish I would have found this right when I started trying to learn JUCE components, which was a very short time ago so I still find this very helpful. If you're new to JUCE, you definetely need to check this out.

Do you (the JUCE team) think you'll be doing more tutorials like this? That would be great if you did. I think some for audio plugins would be especially helpful. It's quite confusing to figure out on your own and the few tutorials that are out there are somewhat dated. For instance, they use the old way of using parameters instead of using AudioProcessorParameter. It would be great to get a good description of how things work with plugins.

I did notice that this one tutorial is "part 1" so maybe we'll at least see more component tutorials. By the way, there are some more example projects in the JUCE repository that might also be useful, not just this ComponentTutorialExample.

Here's the link to this specefic project that contains the tutorial .pdf file. Check out the rest of the repository too if you haven't already.



I noticed that the audio plugin demo in the repo is a bit different than the one included in the download from the JUCE site (or at least the windows download). So if you're using that as a guide for your plugins, you should use the updated version. From what I understand, the updated version uses the newer class AudioProcessorParameter and the way the old one handles parameters is going to eventually be deprecated. 


On another note: Are the HTML tags working for any of you? I can't get a single one of them to work. Not even if I copy/paste from the "More information about text formats" link below the text editor.

Hi there,

Yes, we absolutely plan to provide more tutorials like this one in the near future. We also want to include some up-to-date quick start guides to help people get started on the various supported platforms, audio plugin formats and so on. This is very much on our roadmap!

Thank you for replying! That'll be awesome! I can't wait to see what y'all come up with. I'm sure a lot of us newcomers will really appreciate y'all dong that. Maybe it'll help the experienced users stay up to date too. I feel like that's really the only drawback when it's to JUCE; There's really not enough tutorials/guides for getting started like some of the other frameworks out there. Other than that though, I'm finding a lot of JUCE to be very user friendly and easy to work with and understand. I'm really glad to be getting started with JUCE around the time that new developers are joining the team. I can't wait to see all of the things y'all do together.