Juce_core license

I just noticed that the juce_core license is showing up as GPL/Commercial in the Projucer and module header. I guess this is a copy/paste error?

  ID:               juce_core
  vendor:           juce
  version:          4.2.4
  name:             JUCE core classes
  description:      The essential set of basic JUCE classes, as required by all the other JUCE modules. Includes text, container, memory, threading and i/o functionality.
  website:          http://www.juce.com/juce
  license:          GPL/Commercial


Yes, this is a copy paste error. I’ll check this with the team. Thanks, Martin!

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Also, from the Q&A at the ADC, some other modules have now moved to ICS. Can we have those modules updated please?

For those of us who couldn’t attend, which ones??

IIRC the modules with the new licence are juce_events, juce_audio_basics and juce_audio_devices