JUCE - create GitHub repository in xCode - issue

when you creating new project in xCode, there is option on the beginning to create GitHub repository. That is fine, everything is ready to use with github.
But when I create new JUCE project and then open it in xCode, there is no option to create github repository. And then I always need to go step by step through complicated process (complicated at least for me) to synchronise my project with github. This is annoying.
Is there anyway to make it easy? For example first creating new empty project in xCode (with option “Create github rep” checked) and then make project in JUCE and sync it in someway?
Or any other solutions?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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So you use the git functionality of XCode to manage all your git work? I’m using a different git client, however the way I do it should work fine with the XCode git client too (although I haven‘t tested it).
I always start creating an empty project/repository throug the github Website. After doing that you can edit your readme.md right there in the browser if you want to. Now copy the clone url from the github repo, open a terminal on your mac and navigate to the Location where your project folder should be placed. Don‘t create the folder. Instead of that, call git clone theCopiedCloneURL and a copy of your repository folder will appear. It will include the readme file and nothing else. Now jump over to the Projucer and create your new project right into that folder. Now if you jump into that folder through the terminal window, a call to git status should show you a lot of new & untracked files. Go over to XCode and have a look if everything works there too.

Hello, thanks for your reply, I will try what you say.