Juce demo bug

Hey there… I’m running Tiger and I found a curious bug in the demo. I don’t know if affects the library in general, or just Macs, or what…

I first noticed it by starting the demo. Then click the pop-up button and select “show colour selection dialog.”

Once the dialog comes up, click to focus on the window behind the color selection dialog. Even though I’m assuming the color selection dialog is modal the app refocuses the window behind the color selection window. Now I can’t get the color selection window back, I can’t quit the application using the ‘x’ button on the app, and I have to Command+Q it to get out.

Just thought I’d let you know. Killer job on the lib and on tracktion though. ( =

weird - must be a mac bug, it doesn’t happen here on windows, but I hadn’t noticed it before. I’ll look into it asap…

The same thing happens with all the alert windows.

You can press the F10 key to display all windows in the app and get the dialogs back.

Just discovered juce yesterday and I’m very impressed by it.