JUCE for DAW-like rhythm game?

Hello all, I have been working on a DAW-like rhythm game that uses a MIDI controller for input and records that user input for playback. After looking at different game frameworks for a while and talking to a lot of people, I got a suggestion to check out JUCE since it is all about high-performance audio and already comes with MIDI capabilities.

Graphically, the game is extremely simple and only 2D. The GUI is basically just a piano roll and a handful of counters with a BGA video (think simplified Beatmania). In terms of gameplay, there are two players that take turns recording inputs for the other to play back, and missing a note subtracts HP until one loses. In terms of audio, there is one BGM track and then there are only 32 player-controlled samples besides that, divided into two 16-note “banks” that swap between players every few bars.

My questions are whether or not JUCE can support this sort of game without a crazy amount of extra effort (I’m really not that great of a programmer), whether it can take input from more than one MIDI device at a time and whether it can handle those inputs with a higher accuracy than once per frame at 60FPS? I kinda need the lowest possible amount of input lag, which I’m seeing is very difficult to achieve in other frameworks that don’t already come with MIDI support.

Thanks in advance for all answers and advice.