Newbe here- is this the right framework?

I am a programmer, and I am currently exploring some APIs and instruments to develop a standalone program, that needs to implement this kind of functions:

  • Wait for a MIDI file on the filesystem

  • Open it

  • Feed it to an external VST plugin (Kontakt or other), that needs to “run” on the same process

  • “record” the plugin output

  • export the corresponding audio file

So, in the end, some kind of automatic and headless DAW…

I have 0 experience with JUCE, and I am wondering wether this could be the right API to implement these functionalities, or not…
Thanks in advance!

Yes, I can’t think of a better frame that JUCE for doing that. You may also want to look into tracktion_engine which is a module that adds on to juce that implements the basics of a DAW.