JUCE has an issue tracker!

After popular request, JUCE has now enabled the issue tracker in github. You can now submit bugs via this issue tracker and we will look (and try to fix) every issue.

A good issue should have detailed steps on how to reproduce the bug, preferably with already existing JUCE code such as the demo plugin or the demo code. It should include what you expect the outcome to be.

If it’s a crash a stack trace is absolutely essential. Also don’t forget to mention the OS, the architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), the plugin format (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS) and in which DAW you observe the bug - if applicable.

Also always make sure you have pulled the latest commits from the JUCE repo and re-compiled the Projucer before you submit your bug. If it’s a major bug, which must be hot-fixed immediately then we will also accept bug reports for tagged release versions.

We’d like to stress that this does not mean we will be looking at the forum any less. The forum is a vital and fun part of JUCE’s community and we’d rather have users post problems and possible bugs too often than too little. If your problem turns out to be a bug then you can still file it with more detailed information as an issue.


Finally! THANK YOU JUCE TEAM! This will be significantly better for issue tracking/resolution for both JUCE customers and developers.

Fantastic! I think this is a very sensible decision. Would you prefer it is used for bug tracking only or should feature requests also go via the issue tracker? I see you have an ‘enhancement’ label so I assume feature requests are OK.


You can use the issue tracker for features as well. Personally, I think that it would be really useful to discuss feature requests on the forum first. Often there are many opinions on a feature, or some way of achieving the same result slightly differently. I’d be more happy to add a feature which was discussed on the forum than one that comes from no where.


Alright, that’s great!
Suggestion perhaps: add 2 extra labels, one for the development and one for the master branch.


Should we still post in the forum in parallel when filing an issue? (as it was done in some of the first issues)
Or will you check/be notified about the issues and we only use the discussion there? (which might give a better overview)

I think it would be good if people also discuss feature requests/bugs on the forum before filing a bug. In many cases, it turns out that there is a simple workaround or that it’s maybe intended behaviour.


Are anyone at JUCE being notified by issues reported on github?

The forum is useful for discussing bugs but sometimes there are many small bugs not worth the forum.

I’ve reported 2 issues with Samplitude a week and didn’t see any activity.
Also reported from 19 days ago seems to have no comments.