JUCE Label: preventing ellipsis to appear


I have some questions about Label class:

1) Is it possible to disable appearing ellipsis when the text in the label is too long? (I want just the truncated text).

2) Is it possible to set constant horizontal scale for font? (like setMinimumHorizontalScale()).

Can someone answer this questions, please?


Thanks in advance :)

Iirc, simply set the horiz. scale to 1.0f.

Edit: Reference: https://www.juce.com/api/classGraphics.html#afe090a548fd6156246446102f4f4a960

Thanks! It's a good idea! And if it possible to set constant horizontal scale, for example, 0.6f or so?


But I still don't know how avoid appearing ellipses, and it seems like overriding Look'n'fell won't help too :(

You've probably just misunderstood how to go about setting a constant horizontal scale in your LookAndFeel: override drawLabel(). LookAndFeel_V2 has an example of this, if it helps.

As for your ellipsis: a new mechanism would need to be added to replace the call to GlyphArrangement::insertEllipsis() from within GlyphArrangement::fitLineIntoSpace(), and then some bool params would need to be added to control the showing of an ellipsis (to Graphics::drawFittedText(), to GlyphArrangement::addFittedText(), and then to GlyphArrangement::fitLineIntoSpace()).

Oh, it's not so trivial as I thought it could be implemented.

But it's clear for me now, thanks a lot:) Such a good advices, I really appreciate your help!