JUCE License wording for end users


I’m just about to release a new iOS app. Some of its code is based upon a JUCE full commercial license I bought way back in 2013 (I can’t remember what version that was at the time). I’ve also modified that version heavily over the years according to my own needs.

In the license section of the app’s manual I’d like to attribute some thanks to JUCE. Is there an official wording for this? “Powered by JUCE” seems a bit misleading as I mainly only use the Core module and a few other bits and pieces.

Would “This app uses a modified version of JUCE” (with a link to the ROLI website) be sufficient?

Thanks in advance!

correct me if I’m wrong here, but when you buy the commercial license, that means you don’t need to provide attribution, no? you can do whatever you want with the code in the framework and don’t have to tell anyone if you fork out that $1000 or whatever they were charging for the Pro license a couple years ago for V4.x

You’re quite possibly right. I just wanted to get some conformation on this to make sure I’m within the terms and conditions of the commercial licence. Certainly, the original licence agreement between Jules and myself doesn’t seem to specify any particular requirements with regards to this.

If you have paid for a full license then there is no obligation to credit JUCE for anything. You’re obviously very welcome to do so if you want to though!