Juce linux command line prints Juce version. (+stripping)

Hi all,

My linux command line tools are printing out the juce version ( “JUCE v2.0.27” ). Is there a way to disable this?
It’s messing with my python code that is parsing the output!

Related to linux building:
It would be nice if the makefile would do (optional?) stripping ( strip --strip-unneeded binary-name ) of the resulting binaries in release mode.

  • bram

It prints it with the DBG macro so shouldn’t do it in a release build. But that’s a good point, I should provide a flag to turn it off! Will add that…

Stripping: yes, also a good request but haven’t time right now. If you wanted to suggest some introjucer changes that would do what you need, I’d be happy to consider them…

What about adding this, should be 10 seconds work:

        @echo Stripping [insert target name here from intruducer]
        -@strip --strip-unneeded $(OUTDIR)/$(TARGET)

The one could simply do:

make CONFIG=Release
make strip

release build doesn’t print the version -> actually that’s fine for me, no need to add yet another flag :slight_smile:

  • bram

Good idea! I’ve checked something in if you want to give it a spin…