Juce Menubar doesnot work In Some scene

Version: Juce 6.1.5
Platform: Windows 10 x86_64
Description: DemoRunner → MenusDemo → the 3 menubar buttons of “Menu Position”, “Outer Colour”, and “Inner Colour”.
When I click one of the menus metioned above, the Popup menu will show up. And then move the mouse between the 3 menubar buttons, the Popup menu will switch by the mouse overed button. ---- that’s ok.

but when I move the mouse from left to right and back, and repeat it as fast as I can( move the mouse quickly seems will reproduce the bug more easily) for several times, the popup menu will stop at a certain menubar button, and cannot switch, unless the mouse is clicked.

Please check it, thank you!

Thank you for reporting this. A fix has been published on develop

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