juce::MenuBarComponent Mouse Over Bug?

Hi all,

I’m seeing occasional odd behavior with juce::MenuBarComponent.

Sometimes, when moving my mouse quickly between top level menu items, the menu stops responding to mouse movement (ie. it stops automatically opening submenus on mouse hover). Here’s an example in Windows (Projucer and Demorunner v5.4.4):

In both examples, all I did was move the mouse from side to side over the top level menu items fairly quickly. Everything’s fine at first - submenus pop automatically as the mouse moves over top level menu items - but at some point it stops responding to mouse movement.

Note in the screenshots that the popup submenu doesn’t match the currently selected top level menu item too.

The only way to correct it is to click away from the menu to close it (or select a menu item), and then open it up again.

Not a showstopper by any means, but it happens often enough to be noticeable/irritating. I managed to get it to happen on Mac too (Demorunner only, since Projucer uses the standard Mac menu for its main menu), but it seems to be a lot more difficult to repro.

I’ll investigate when/if I have the time, but I wanted to report/log it here too.

Many thanks,