juce_module_info OSXLibs?

I am making a JUCE module that requires a bunch of static libraries. I notice there is a "LinuxLibs" and a "MingGWLibs". Can we have an "OSXLibs" as well as OSXFrameworks?



Thanks, I've added that now.

Thanks jules 

I cannot find a solution to include a static library in a Juce Module.

How to specify the list of directories to be searched for "OSXLibs" libraries (the -Ldir option in ld)?

As an option, where can GCC (or clang) find the libraries if -Ldir is not specified (in OSX)?

Thank you in advance,




That's right - modules were never designed to handle libs, just source files. We may extend that in future, but no specific plans to do so right now.

an OSXLibDir entry in the juce_module_info file would be useful for my juce_faustllvm module :-)