OSX static library in JUCE module

I’m trying to add a .tbd (a slightly different .dylib - thanks for fracturing that Apple) to my JUCE module definition. However, this doesn’t seem to be possible since we can only add Framework bundles under macOS.

Any chance we could get an “osxLibs” field in the JUCE module format that accepts filename + extension so we can add “lib*.dylib lib*.tbd”… etc?

What makes this extra annoying is it’s possible to do just fine on Linux using the linuxLibs field, and on Windows it can be worked around by using pragma(lib, "path/to/lib.lib") (would love a proper way to do Windows static libraries however) but there’s no way to do it for macOS.

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Yes, this would be very useful! I’ve added it to the backlog.

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