JUCE n00b nudge please


I originally posted this in the tutorial thread at the beginning of the week, but it seems to not be visited much so I’ll repost here in the hope of getting a gentle nudge in the right direction from a JUCE expert… :smiley:

I am working my way through the tutorial and everything is compiling okay until I get to the bit where ChangeListener is inherited.

It looks like addChangeListener has been removed from Slider and addListener is now used. addButtonListener looks like it’s deprecated but still there. Anyway, when I have this in the code…

button1->addListener (this); // (this) works with addListener or addButtonListener
button2->addListener (this);
button3->addListener (this);

slider->addListener (this); // (this) doesn't work[/code]

… giving a mouse-over error when hovering over slider->addListener(this) …

… if someone could point out the error of my ways I’d be very grateful.

Thanks for any help,



I think it’s because you need to inherit SliderListener to receive callbacks from sliders-- check out http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juce/api/classSlider_1_1Listener.html, cheers


Thanks very much for that link, I had no idea that was there. I have now got Introjuicer and Juicer up and running so I think I can see how things should be put together… he says. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!