JUCE Notifications on Windows

So a while ago JUCE got PushNotifications.

Local Notifications are quite easy to do but it lacks Windows and Linux.
At least for Windows it seems pretty easy to add:

I guess this is a pretty hanging fruit for JUCE team to add at least local notifications also on Windows side.


Interesting, presumably it’s a matter of using JUCE: PushNotifications Class Reference to raise a local only notification?

That tutorial seems to be regards what comes to mind when I think of Push Notification (i.e. a notification shown even if application is not running, pushed over the internet from a server)

For Linux it looks like (with a choice of 2 dependencies) local notifications (as provided in the WinToast you linked to) are also pretty straightfoward as well : Desktop notifications - ArchWiki

After reading the juce::PushNotification docs, to me it looks like the intention is to support both toast and push notifications (not sure why the language/terminology used in the docs are like this, but anyways):

Both remote and local notifications are supported.

So, in terms of being well-rounded on Windows, this would mean integrating with this as well: Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) overview - UWP applications | Microsoft Docs

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