FR: Add support for toast notifications

These are not push notifications, and all platforms support this feature in some way.

  1. Windows: Toast content - Windows apps | Microsoft Docs
  2. Android: Toasts overview  |  Android Developers

Note: macOS and iOS use the standard notifications system for this.

We actually did that on and it worked well.

For Windows we’ve used -

And also Linux worked when libnotify is available. (In order to comply to gpl)

One technical note:

Toast is a common UI/UX description. It can be added without any system integration within an app.

System wide notifications center is an OS provided ability for unifying all notifications with OS experience and usually includes history and some callable actions.

I think that’s an understatement! It’s a common practice on Android, and it’s used for indicating all sorts of messages like information and errors (as opposed to manually devising a system for popping things into view that won’t require user attention).

Oddly, Windows is pushing for its use, what with its extensive functionality and combinations of notifications you can send (with images being a possibility, different layouts, etc). (Also, adding toast notifications was a common occurrence, and might still be, in XboxOne apps. I’m guessing the feature was brought out of that to desktop.)

I’ve had to wrap these APIs before for mobile and desktop (excluding Linux - thanks for providing some direction there. ) so I might have a crack at putting a unified solution together.

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