New Feature: Notifications support for iOS and Android

In the following commit we’ve introduced support for Notifications on iOS and Android.

This will enable you to send notifications locally from your app, process user actions performed on those notifications as well as receive remote notifications sent from Apple Push Notification service or Google Firebase. The notifications can have action buttons or text input so that a user can trigger an action in the app directly from the notification. Supported platforms include iOS 10 or earlier, as well as Android O or earlier (down to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich). The included demo application showcases the available settings for local notifications on each platform as well as receiving remote notifications.

The exact set of features supported depends strongly on OS (refer to documentation here for more info). Some example notifications are presented below:


These changes have really nice coverage!

Mind updating the website’s doxygen when you have moment to gather this and the analytics module’s details?

FYI, I see the changes are favouring -ize (US spelling) over -ise (Commonwealth spelling) in a couple places.

Something I spotted after a quick pass through the commit:

Required: determines set of actions that will appear (as per setup done
in initializeWithSettings()).

That function doesn’t seem to exist.

Thanks for spotting these, I’ve just fixed them on latest develop, the function was meant to be requestPermissionsWithSettings()

Ah, speaking of doxygen, I think that @t0m will probably look into that at some point?