JUCE 5.2.0 released


JUCE 5.2.0 has been released adding support for push notifications on iOS and Android, beta support for a CLion exporter in the Projucer, a new analytics module and much more!

It’s available now from the JUCE website and GitHub. Please see here for the full release notes.


in case of plugin development:

  • that means CLion exporter is the only needed project for Win and Mac ?
  • this only project (with eventual help of some projucer flags and custom scripts) will adapt to compiler+settings on both platform?

bool clionExpert = false;


I have the same questions as @fefanto :slight_smile:


i get a error message if I want to download the new version via Projucer.update_juce_512


Please try again. Sometimes amazon S3 takes some time to sync between different geographic locations. Otherwise feel free to download it from the JUCE website.


Link reads “windows64” but the filename is “juce_huckleberry-osx.zip”?

If I download via the website (“get juce” link) it’s still 5.1.2

I would prefer the normal website download, so it’s all build and includes the live-build engine etc.


The cloudfront links have to be invalidated, and even than it would take hours/days to actually work. Would it be too much trouble to ask to change the filename slightly? Maybe include the version-number? That way the name is unique and no more caching issues would prevent people from getting the right version.


The ‘Get JUCE’ downloads on the website are all 5.2.0 now. We could put the version number in the filename but it would require a website change too, so perhaps it’s something we could do for the next release.


From the linked CLion announcement|:

The CLion exporter can be thought of as a “shell” exporter, where it takes build configurations from other exporters added to the project. The currently supported “source” exporters are:

  • Xcode
  • Linux Makefile
  • Code::Blocks (Windows)

The generated CMakeLists.txt is composed sequential blocks of CMake config for each platform, where the correct block is selected depending on the machine you are running on.


This was a file path error on our end and should be fixed now. Please try again and let me know if it works OK


Now it works. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: