Juce on Armv7 ERROR: X returned BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter)

I'm trying to run a Juce application on an arm board running debian (Olimex Olinuxino A20 Micro).

It compiles without problems, but when starting the application via xinit i get the following error:

​ERROR: X returned BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter) for operation X_GetProperty

The application still runs and seems to work as expected. Is that something to worry about? I havent found much about this error anywhere and can't really tell what it means.. Is it even Juce related or more likely some other problem?

Unlikely to be a problem worth worrying about, but if you wanted to dig deeper, finding out which call to X_GetProperty caused it would be the thing to do.

I hate to bring up an old thread, but I too am having this issue. If these messages truly are harmless, I’d at least like to suppress them since they flood my console output as long as my app is running. I’ve searched the JUCE source for “X_GetProperty” but don’t see anything, and perhaps I’m confused about where this message originates. Any pointers to track it down would be helpful.

Found it.

@robertsonics-2 I’d love to hear how you tracked this down. I’m trying to build out a docker container for automated tests and it’d be great to get rid of these “errors” if possible.

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