JUCE on Github

Important public service announcement for everyone who uses the JUCE repo on github:

During our V4 release, there was a small.. ahem.. snafu in our script files, and to cut a long story short, github managed to delete all the metadata attached to our repository - i.e. it cleared all of the user forks, stars, and watchers.. After spending years collecting a great rating, it's a horrible experience for us to have it wiped out in seconds, but github admin haven't replied to our support requests, and we don't expect them to be able or willing to fix it.

Anyway.. this means that if you had forked the JUCE repo, your fork will now be referencing some random other user's fork of JUCE, and if they were to push their own changes, you'd recieve them. So you probably want to re-fork from our repo. (As far as we know there's no way to change the source that your existing fork points to without re-forking, but if anyone knows a trick to do that, please let us know!)

Also, if you were watching the JUCE repo to be notified of changes, you'll probably want to re-watch it. And any stars you'd like to add would be appreciated, and would help to get us out of the state of looking like some kind of lame unpopular project :)

(Note that none of this will affect any local GIT clones that you may have made - they'll work as normal, since our repo's URL is unchanged).