Juce Plugin Host finds only VST3

I have installed Juce Plugin Host on my Windows 10 system, and when I scan for new plugins it finds only VST3. How can I change it to launch regular VST?

For any help thanks in advance.
Best Regards

I think VST2 is these days disabled by default in the JUCE projects. So try rebuilding the plugin host with VST2 enabled in the Projucer. (You will of course need the VST2 header files in your include path.)

Aha, Ok thanks, that’s right I forgot that I can change it when compile Plugin Host. Thanks

No, unfortunatly Plugin Host is GUI Application, so I can’t find the option to set various plugins format. I can change it only if Projucer project is Audio Plugin, but as I told Plugin Host is GUI Application. So still have no idea how to turn it on to run regular VST or VST2

The plugin hosting options are in the juce_audio_processor module options.

OK I found it, great thanks again