Juce plugin synth and FL Studio piano roll/Envelope

So i’m coding my first plugin synthesizer using the VST3 SDK in JUCE and in standalone mode I can connect my own MIDI device and play notes fine. However, when I test my plugin in FL Studio I cannot use the piano roll or the keyboard to use my synth. My question is what type of data does FL Studio send to my synthesizer when I press a key or use the piano roll.

My code is here. Plugin/PluginSynth/Source at main · Hoskiiino/Plugin · GitHub

Your AudioProcessor will be sent MIDI, it should make no difference whether it’s a standalone version or a plugin version.

I don’t see anything glaringly obvious in this code as to why it’s not working in FL studio – you can try some debugging to ensure that midi messages are actually getting sent, perhaps something as simple as:

void processBlock(...)
    DBG (midiMessages.getNumEvents());

You can also try your plugin in other hosts.

Have you tried enabling the “Plugin MIDI Input” option under “Plugin Characteristics” in the Projucer, then resaving and rebuilding the plugin?

This worked. I thought I had already enabled those options… but I guess not. Thank you!